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10 great blog benefits

| January 23, 2009

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Other fringe benefits of having your own blog include (See previous post):

·       Google juice. It’s true. Not only does the Google search engine love blogs by all accounts, but Google Alert, the function allowing users to create special searches for the latest content on the Net, has a special setting specifically for the format.

·       Syndication. Not only do readers who find your blog directly get to read your content but others can add your feed to their websites thus spreading your message even further and increasing your audience.

·       Return costumers. In his ebook “Everybody’s an Expert”, marketing guru Seth Godin suggests most people who surf the Net are not so much searching as “poking” around for information before making a decision or buying a product or service. Blogs keep customers coming back with fresh content until they know enough to take action.

·       Community building. Blogs don’t just build readership, they build community. Faithful readers keep coming back and sites like MyBlogLog and Technorati allow them to communicate with others who share their passions and share their favorite content with others.

·       Feedback, feedback, feedback. At their heart, blogs are interactive with the ability to comment on every post though some comments may be moderated before posted to make sure they are appropriate. Feedback is real time without waiting for complaint letters or dips in sales.

·       Link and back track traffic. Blogs can build community and readership not only by their own content but also through the sites they link to and by links from other bloggers and webmasters to your content.

·       Added revenue. AdSense, AdBright or any one of a variety of revenue options exist for making a little extra money off the traffic you draw. Approach others who might share your community/audience and ask them what it would be worth to appear on your blog.

·       Reaching decision makers. These are the trend setters sometimes called early adopters in the information technology world. Blogs often reach these people first who are often surfing the Net anyway looking for the next big thing. It’s not just about traffic, it’s about reaching the people who will tell others about your product.

·       Keyword/brand reinforcement. Blogs let you get your message out there daily but they also let you get your key words out regularly on the World Wide Web so when they’re looking for the world’s best hotdog or an attorney specializing in malpractice, they’ll know where to find you.

·       Dialogue. Blogs are not one way communication. Because of this they will be more like your everyday business than traditional media advertising. Through comments and e-mail, other bloggers and community sites, you’ll get a fair idea immediately what people think of your message and be able to hone it accordingly.

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