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Add free photos to your blog with Flickr

| March 24, 2009

Photos spruce up any blog.

And with simple online tools, bloggers can easily add free photos to their articles in minutes from a selection of thousands of available images.

Web sites like Flickr and Morguefile offer tons of creative and usable photos on almost any topic and many are free for use by anyone.

To access Flickr's massive online library, simply create an account.  An active Yahoo! account will work just fine.

Then  scroll to the bottom of the page and select The Commons or Creative Commons options. These are the store houses of Flickr's huge public domain and limited rights libraries.

Under Creative Commons, choose the attribution license option for images whose creators require only credit for use of their work. Search either library using a word or phrase suggesting the kind of image you're looking for. (The above image was located using the search words "camera" and "photographer".)

Once you've found the image you want to upload, you'll need to add your blog to your Flickr account. Go to www.flickr.com/blogs.gne accessible only once you've created a Flickr account. Choose the "Add Blog" option, fill out the appropriate information on your blog, and use the "layout" function to select how the photo will be displayed on your page.

Then return to the photo you've choosen, select the "Blog This" option, select your blog, add a title and text and hit "Post Entry". Voila! Now, click the link taking you to your blog to see how you did.

For more on working with Flickr see the below video from Howcast:

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