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Better writing for your blog/Web site

| April 7, 2009

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If blogs are a conversation, professional bloggers should be sure they are never at a loss for words.

One way to organize thoughts in a blog or other Web site post is to take a cue from traditional print journalism.

To learn more about how to construct your blog or other online posts consider the inverted pyramid used in traditional news writing.

Simply start with the most important information you have to communicate toward the top and add more details as you go along.

Top your story with a snappy lede, a short and clever first sentence meant to grab readers' attention and draw them through the article.

For more on the pyramid style and its history in traditional newspapers (and perhaps a hint at why it may still be a helpful form in new media like blogs) check out this video from eHow:

History of the Inverted Pyramid Style — powered by eHow.com

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