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Blog will make a difference in Ukraine

| May 16, 2009

Your blog can help make a difference worldwide including in places like Ukraine. This account from Jeff Mowatt of People-Centered Economic Development in the UK shows how blogs can grab attention.

Here's Jeff's story:

A trip report from an NGO visiting orphanages in Ukraine spurred us to speak out about corruption and neglect.

I forwarded it to my colleague who began to blog on a citizens action network.

Over several months we explored what might be done on line and in the background prepared a strategy paper aimed at getting two governments to collaborate. The next year we published a 'Marshall Plan' online.

Since publication USAID has launched the East Europe Foundation to promote CSR and sustainable community enterprise and Ukraine has agreed to more than 400 rehab centres and doubled the adoption allowance.

The raising of many similar voices about concerns in the region seems to be making a difference.

(Editor's Note: If you have an amazing story about blogging and your organization, please tell us today.)

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  1. Shawn Hessinger says:

    Thanks Jeff,
    And thanks again for sharing your story. I’m hoping everyone can take notice of the incredible power of blogs to change the world.