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Blogging: Howard Stern And Great Content

| March 31, 2011

When creating great content for your blogging efforts either on your own or through professional blogging services, think about content producers in other media and how they draw attention to themselves and their work.

Despite a recent headline grabbing controversy involving his current employer Serius One XM, Howard Stern, the self-proclaimed “King of All Media” has consistently built irresistible content over a career spanning more than three decades.

The video below shows Stern’s skill at grabbing attention and creating interest even beyond the platform of his own show and gives hints about how remarkable content, regardless of the form, is created.

Top 5 Ways Stern Creates Great Content

Kick some ass. Stern approaches content creation fill-throttle by defining a niche and then spinning an endless amount of interesting content around that niche. He knows instinctively the interests of his audience and continues to tireless create content aimed at that audience seldom if ever leaving the topics or style for which he has become known and which his audience craves.

Be surprising.Though disparaged by some critics as a mere “shock jock” implying his content was merely based on one outrageous comment or bit after another (and presumably that he would eventually burn himself out when he could no longer shock his audience, Stern has continued to systematically grow his audience through stints at numerous radio stations. His battles with the FCC and eventual move to satellite radio continued to push the envelope raising questions of free speech and censorship in a nation that supposedly favored the first and rejected the second.

Create a following.Stern’s true talent has been the growing of a powerful following which followed him through several station changes and eventually became a prime force behind the eventual triumph of satellite radio. He did this by maintaining a consistent brand through changing times and tastes that he could return to again and again, one his audience could easily relate to.

Build a team.While Stern has always clearly occupied the helm of his show no matter what station he might be working for, he has also built a solid team of cohorts, gag writers and others who work with him to build the interest in his daily broadcasts and create part of the dynamic for his studio hy jinx. Without them, despite his huge audience, he would be a man by himself in a room with a microphone and probably in the long run less interesting to listen to.

Make a network.Though not necessarily known as a huge socializer, Stern has none-the-less championed and gathered to him a regular circle of show biz personalities, musicians and others who are regularly guests on his program either in the studio or by phone. This allows Stern to reach out into the show business community and return gives him for his own show.

* * *

What does this mean for your blog?

*Create killer content on topics specifically tailored to your audience no matter what the subject and stay the course.

*Don’t forget to innovate and don’t make the mistake of believing that staying within your niche means creating the same kind of post every day or every week.

*Create a following of readers who value your content AND will share it with others.

*Recruit others whether guest bloggers to post occasionally or a community of bloggers who regularly comment on your blog as you comment on theirs.

*Build a network by connecting to social sites like Facebook and Twitter, share your content and spend some time getting to know your network. They’ll come in handy down the road.

Happy blogging!

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