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Blogging important for small businesses

| September 15, 2009

Blogging remains important for small businesses and professional blogging can be one way for overworked small business people to take advantage of this opportunity.

Thanks to Wayne Liew of WayneLiew.com, a fellow member of bizSugar.com, for pointing out this great post on blogging for small business at Chris Brogan's blog. Chris writes:

I can’t think of any simpler website technology to start and master, and there are cheap and free platforms readily available. Why a blog? Because they’re easy to create, because they’re easy to update, because they encourage repeat visits, and because you can use them in many flexible ways.

Of course, there are any number of reasons you may want to outsource blogging especially if writing is not a key component of your business:

  • Blogging takes time to master. While it's true what the gurus say about blogging platforms being easy to learn and use, it's a fact that striking the proper tone to communicate with clients and would be clients is a skill all by itself and learning the details of using keywords, anchor and text and links to build traffic, fans and search engine ranking requires time and practice.
  • Blogs take time to maintain. Even after you've mastered the ins and outs of Search Engine Optimization and can blog with the best of them, a good blog takes time to maintain. If you're a busy attorney or the guy or gal who makes the best bagels in Brooklyn, you may not have time to maintain a stellar blog as well.
  • Blogging distracts from your main business. While your surfing the Web for the best links and photos or trying to get that post to look just right, who will be looking after your business? You can't be two places at once and certainly being the best blogger in your niche will replace being the best and whatever your core business happens to be.

Outsourcing a non-core part of your business like blogging makes perfect sense and can be much less expensive than you mighht at first believe. Let us or another skilled professional blogging service show you how.

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