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Blogging may make a difference for Liverpool child

| May 23, 2009

Another in our series of posts on how blogging can make a difference is a story of ordinary people moved by a newspaper article about a youg child's plight.

Read Carolyn Jones'  comments about how she decided to get involved and help in the best way she knew how with her blogging efforts.

Carolyn is the owner of Marketing-Leaders Limited, a "People to People" marketing company and said she was motivated only by a desire to help.

In a post on LinkedIn, she explains:

I have started this Blog for a little boy from Liverpool, England. He is no relation to me, I read about him in the newspaper along with 38,000 others. I was the only one to offer any help and I actually started before I had told the parents of Harvey. I am still the only one helping, so any promotion of this Blog would be truly appreciated.

Since Carolyn's involvement, reports Helen Hunt, a journalist who wrote about Harvey for the local paper, a number of other online appeals have appeared. Take a look!

(Editor's Note: If you have an example of how blogs can make a difference that you would like to share with us, anything from raising awareness for a cause to expanding the market for your product or service, please do so by e-mailing us and we may include your story in a future post.)

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  1. Vince Stevenson says:

    Blogs are a great way of raising the profile of companies, countries and of people and their issues. Blogging was made popular during the last invasion of Iraq where an Iraqi working for BBC2’s Newsnight sent a daily commentary on the state of war-torn Bagdhad. What Carolyn has done is raise Harvey’s profile and hopefully enough people will read her blog and offer their assistance. Social networking is all about connecting. Great work, Carolyn.

  2. Shawn Hessinger says:

    Agreed, Vince. I think the most important aspect of blogging is that it is such a versatile format. Not just business PR but journalism, social activism, commentary. You name it. If there is a thought or an idea to convey, it can be done with blogging!