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Blogs offer permission marketing

| April 18, 2009

If you're looking for an alternative to in your face hard sale marketing for your product or service, blogs may offer your best and most innovative solution.

Watch this video from the Reinhart Consulting Group LCC about how blogs offer content when and how the reader wants to receive it, a real departure from pushy hard selling:

Instead, business blogs, particularly those promoting a product or service, offer a sort of permission marketing where visitors can sign up to receive regular updates via e-mail or a feedreader only if they are interested in the blog or the product or service being offered.

Here at PostRanger.com, we'd LOVE for you to be interested, even excited, about what we have:

But if not, that's OK too. See a professional blog for your business or organization let's those enthusiastic about what you're offering keep in touch and let's those who aren't be on their way.

For more on how professional blogging services could help your business, by replacing a pushy and ineffective sales model with a format that brings those who need your service to you, contact us today.

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