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Blogs: What the heck are they?!

| June 7, 2010

Blogs, Blogging, Social Media, SEO, Keywords

You've probably heard about them, read about them, maybe even looked over a couple of them online.

Blogs, blogging, social media, seo, marketing, keywords

But what exactly is a blog and why does your business or organization need one?

Well simply, a blog is a regularly updated Website promoting increased interaction with readers and visitors via comment sections and archives, allowing easier organization and sharing of information with others on the Web.

Blogs help your business or organization because they:

1. Provide information

Regular informative posts about your industry or area of expertise keep visitors coming back for more and establish your site as a valuable resource, building your brand and generating referrals to prospective customers, clients, partners, supporters or donors.

2. Attract attention

Using keywords related to your business or industry or to the kinds of customers, clients, partners or supporters you are trying to reach, blogs position your Website on search engines like Google making it easier for the audience you are targeting to find you.

3. Build a community

By allowing comments and making it easy for visitors on the Web to link to and share your content, blogs create a community of followers and readers potentially including prospective clients, donors and business partners but also enthusiastic supporters who share information about your brand and business with others, thus creating even more referrals for the future. 

About Us

We are a small mom and pop company working with clients of all sizes to help them utilize the power of blogs to build brand and increase visibility online.

We can create a customized blog for your business or organization, manage the blog you already have, relieving you of time consuming chores while boosting effectiveness, or show you how to set up and maintain a blog of your own and provide regular consulting to help you grow your online presence through blogging.

Want to learn more about what hiring a professional blogger can do for you? Contact us at info@postranger.com and learn more about using the online marketing power of blogs to your advantage.

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