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Business blog can raise awareness

| June 2, 2009

How can a business blog help your company?

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Well, David Kirkup, a partner at B2B CFO, thinks the most important aspect may be that blogs can raise awareness of your company and what it does.

In a recent post at LinkedIn, Kirkup explained:

I am a Partner with B2B CFO and we provide CFO Services to emerging growth and mid size companies. We have over 120 partners and have set up a blog capability so that each partner can write about topics like small business, financing, growth, profitability etc. I personally write weekly – and like to inject a bit of Brit humour into my blogs – sort of here's the sugar to help the medicine go down. I planned a "B2B Swarm" (get it?) recently when several partners took one blog and posted it to all their LinkedIn groups. The original blog received over 5,000 hits in one week. I think the benefit we get is exposure and awareness building about our unique service for small companies – Fortune 500 expertise at an affordable price on an as needed basis.

Some recent blogs include:

Sopranos – Business Lessons
How to Speak Bank
From Russia with Love
Lose 10lbs of Ugly Fat – Cut Off your CFO's Head!

Check them out at http://www.b2bcfo.com/partners/dkirkup/blog

Below, Andy Beal of MarketingPilgrim.com talks more about business blogging and how it can benefit your business:

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