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Create better blog posts with interviews

| April 18, 2009

One way to add interest to your next blog post is with an interview from an expert in your topic area.

When planning an interview, take a cue from the pros like business editor Bruce Edwards of the Rutland Herald in this video about how to ask the right questions:

Interviews can enliven blogs by adding another voice and by sharing valuable expert information with your readers.

To do an interview for your blog simply:

  • Contact the person you'd like to interview and propose the idea being sure to mention the benefits to both of your sites. (Hopefully, a good inducement.)
  • Send a series of questions by e-mail (keep them brief to leave plenty of room for answers) and ask the person to e-mail back the responses at their convenience.
  • Post with a photo if possible and an editor's introduction and short bio. (Some blogging platforms like TypePad offer a "split extended entry" option allowing you to run a portion of a longer interview giving readers the opportunity to choose to "Continue reading" if they wish.

Interviews can also improve the number of visitors coming to your blog since the person being interviewed will likely publicize the interview when it is posted potentially drawing readers not yet familiar with your Web site. The interviewee will also get a benefit since you will likely post links to his/her Web site to run with the interview.

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