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Creating a stickier professional blog with lists

| April 28, 2009

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One way of creating a stickier professional blog is by including lists in your posts.

In his book The Tipping Point, author Malcolm Gladwell defines "stickiness" as the quality of a message or idea to be memorable and to spur others into action

Basically, including lists in your blog:

  • Organizes information for the reader in easier to digest and remember portions
  • Breaks up big clumps of text making your article more attractive visually and your points more meaningful 
  • Helps build an argument by giving the reader a list of reasons why you believe what you do and is thus a halmark of good expository writing
  • Makes it easy for readers to share even more important on the Internet where getting others to spread a compact outline of your ideas is the name of the viral marketing game.

Successful bloggers have made great use of lists to create posts that grab attention and are often linked to and become the building blocks of posts and comments on other blogs.

Former Apple fellow, author and venture capital firm manager Guy Kawasaki has made great use of lists on his blog and in his books.

What are some ways you could use lists to make your next blog post more interesting?

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