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Creating tables for your professional blog with HTML

| October 26, 2009

Creating tables in HTML for your professional blog or  Website, like the one surrounding the text and photo in this blog post, is simple and fun, and a great way to add visual variety.

Table Setting
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Here's how it's done:

  • Add the table tag beneath <body> near the top of your Web document
  • Add the tag in this form: <TABLE border="10"> or experiment with different border dimensions depending on your needs
  • Add the <TD> and <TR> tags to establish the basic row and cell for your table
  • Add paragraph tags, photos, video and blockquotes as applicable
  • Close your tags like so: </TD>, </TR> and </TABLE>

For more on how to create your own tables or your Website or blog, right click over this article and select "view source" on the pull down menu to view the code for the table in this blog post.  

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