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Do you Squidoo?

| April 14, 2009

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A new hybrid of blogging, online social network and push button publishing has resulted in a new kind of Web design tool.

Squidoo offers the personal publishing ease of blogging and the community of the large social networks (MySpace, etc.)

Squidoo let's you:

  • Create an unlimited number of brief interconnected articles sharing your expertise, promoting your products or services or spreading the word about your organization or cause
  • Add eCommerce options like Amazon.com, CafePress.com etc. and share in the revenue from them and AdSense based on traffic.
  • Use powerful social networking tools  to connect with other Web site or "Lens" builders, generate fans for your sites, get comments and feedback and join and create groups of like sites and members.
  • Add polls, YouTube videos and other features to generate interest and build interaction among members and visitors and generate additional feeddback and traffic to your Squidoo lens.

For more on building a Squidoo lens see this article from eHow or watch the following video from www.socialmarketing101.com:  

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