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Don’t subscribe to this blog!

| May 26, 2009

Unless you really want to.

Professional Blogger Shawn Hessinger
Shawn Hessinger of

Under  the "subscribe to this blog" option on PostRanger.com, observant readers may notice a new feature, a box where you can enter your e-mail and sign up to receive new articles as they're posted.

For those thinking about trying our professional blogging service, this gives you just one more reason to sign up!

If you're already sending an e-mail newsletter to a list of customers, you're probably missing an opporunity.

Placing the very same information you're already offering into a post on a professional blog from PostRanger.com allows any customer or potential customer the opportunity to subscribe for e-mail about your business and at the same time shares that information with the world!

Blogs can turn your company e-mail into more than just communication with existing customers on a list. It can give you the opportunity to vastly expand that list and add a marketing component to simple business communications spreading information about your brand.

So, if subscribing to blogs is so great, why would I begin this post by telling you not to subscribe to ours? Well, I didn't really. But that's the other great thing about blogs. They target the people who are already interested in hearing what you have to say.

Here at PostRanger.com, we offer information on our pro blogging service but also plenty of free tips and information about blogging and other social network and self-publishing platforms.

If that's what interests you, we'd love for you to subscribe to our blog and even share it with other people you think might be interested.  But if not…if you're passion is, say, Star Wars action figures, Medieval literature or 80's hair bands this isn't a numbers game.

We would be happy to help or give you tips on how to create a blog on one or all of these passions but frankly, this isn't it!

Blogs can help you find people on the Internet interested in your product, service or company or in donating to your cause or mission. The rest need not be bothered

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