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Evolve your blog

| March 27, 2009

Whether you're working with a professional blogger or taking the do-it-yourself approach, it's important to keep your blog growing, changing with the times and the changing needs of your readers.

New bloggers (and even some experienced ones) tend to fall into one of two major traps when it comes to developing their blog's content over time.

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  • Range too broad.  Sure, you don't want your blog to get boring or have too narrow a focus, but remember that blogs by nature are evolving things  even more so than some more traditional media. Try to add too many topics at once and you risk confusing readers and loosing momentum yourself being uncertain what to concentrate on. Instead, build from a narrower focus, topic or idea and then expand on it logically as you go along.
  • Niche too narrow. On the other hand, when you begin with a narrow focus, don't stay there. Give your readers time to get acclimated, to understand what you are about and what you are doing, but then be fresh, even spontanious. Take them in new directions building on what has gone before. Blogging is a complicated art but it is also a conversation with your readers. Don't leave them behind but also don't try their patience with a blog that offers them nothing new and fails to challenge them. There are only so many posts you can write on marital assets law.  After that, it's time to move on.

(Note: This blog is about blogging and our professional blogging service but someday soon it could include topics like Internet social networks, search engine optimization, Squidoo, even Web site design, because these are all logically connected and include directions our business may expand.)

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