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Get blogging ideas from Google Alerts

| April 6, 2009

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Hiring a professional blogger is one way to ensure relevant and regularly updated content to your business or organization's Web site.

However, another simple way of finding relevant content upon which to base your own articles for a do-it-yourself Web site is through Google Alerts.

Simply visit the Google Alerts site and enter search terms related to the service, product, or cause your business or organization is trying to promote.

(You may need to experiment with several search terms to find the one or more alerts that supply you with the updates you find the most helpful.)

Consider terms you think people looking for your Web site might enter in a Google search when choosing your search terms.

Then simply choose the news, blogs, web, video groups or comprehensive selection to search all online content for your search terms choose the number of times you wish to be notified of updated content (beware, Google Alerts can easily fill your in box)

Enter your e-mail address, wait for the confirmation message and voila. For more details on setting up and costumizing your Google Alerts see the below video with Bonnie Boots of The Internet Wizards:

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