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Get yourself some English speaking customers

| February 20, 2009

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Reaching customers around the world sometimes with different languages and different cultures has never been easier, and finding a partner to create a blog within the market (and language) you are attempting to reach can be an easy and inexpensive way to begin.

As Beverly Cornell observes in this post on strategies for marketing to a global market:

Trading globally means more than selling products to other markets and shipping them there. From localization of the products, manuals and marketing collateral, to communication with the new customers in their language, there are many things to be considered at a linguistic and cultural level. There are many small and medium sized businesses in certain sectors who – using the Internet and support from some partners – can act globally at relatively little expense, and so soften the blow.

Cornell also suggests:

Creating a website in as many languages as you can afford and hoping for the best is not enough. It is like starting on the housing ladder. Think first of all which are your most desirable target markets and in which countries —and thus which languages you must cover. It might make sense, for example, to begin with countries that are culturally similar to yours so product localization is easier to get right…Start with one or two new languages and spend the extra money on marketing campaigns. It makes a lot more sense to enter markets properly one at a time than to ‘theoretically’ address many and hope your new target market will find you.

Still, Cornell advises that though the Internet has become more multilingual there still remains a strong motive to appeal to the Web's large English user base:

The web seems the perfect and easiest place for any organization to sell its products and services to a global audience. This was certainly true while ‘global’ coverage and the reach of the Internet concerned a largely English speaking user base. Research does show that this is changing and that the English users are shrinking due to access to multilingual sites. 

For more information on "using the Internet and support from some partners" to reach a largely English speaking customer base, especially in the U.S., e-mail us today and check out our Squidoo site for more on the service we provide.

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