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How a blogging service works

| February 16, 2009

(Editor's Note: In another recent inquirey about our professional blogging service a perspective client asked me "How does professional blogging work?" Sure we've all seen blogs on the Internet but how does a professional blogger turn content provided by a client into regular posts that draw readers and potential customers? Here's my answer.)

The service can be customized based on the needs of the client.

The basic service would include (aside from the domain name and hosting) ten posts per week, two per day during the business week. This is the bare minimum we consider necessary to generate a suitable response.

These posts could run the gamut including press releases provided by the client, summaries of articles in other media with links to the original or info about upcoming events or coverage of those events.

The service would include posting (in HTML format) of copy, video and photos provided by the client including some copy writing where necessary and appropriate hyperlinks (to other online resources) within the text of each article, but could also include some simple research for online articles, video, photos etc. to be used with the posts in question.

Added services such as photos or video taken at an event for inclusion in the blog would be billed at a separate rate.

The service differs from consulting in that we do not craft the substance of a client’s message but rather help them translate that message to the medium of the blogosphere and can always give helpful suggestions and recommendations about how that can be done.

Examples of clients and their possible use of the service might include:

  • A community group or organization seeking to post summaries and links to online information highlighting a particular cause or issue or publicizing the group’s upcoming events
  • A business seeking to reinforce its brand with posts on regular company news, new products or services, links to media coverage related to their service, etc.
  • A political candidate or party seeking to create grass roots support by sharing information, important issues, responses to opponents where necessary etc.
  • A service provider, non-profit or (other) agency seeking to keep potential and existing clients and members up to date on changing regulations and issues related to their service or mission.

There are, of course, other benefits. All blogs contain a comment function which can be used to collect feedback from readers and at the same time hold comments for approval to prevent inappropriate comments from being posted on the blog.

The basic service also includes a blogroll of up to 15 links to related sites potentially encouraging those sites to link back to the client’s blog and also up to four feeds that could include simple regional news or other information and potentially increases a blog’s ranking on Google for local or regional search.

It would be most helpful for potential clients to get in touch for a consultation at no charge to assess their needs and develop ideas about how we could best help them.

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