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How can professional blogs work for you?

| February 28, 2009

How could you use a blog to communicate with customers about your service or business? Learn more about our professional blogging services and contact us for a free consultation to talk more about how we can help you get your company’s message across.

This is a comment I placed in the discussion section of the eMarketing Association, Innovation and Entrepreneurship and On Startups groups at LinkedIn yesterday along with an invitation to join my network…with overwhelming results.

I addition to many new connections, I got some supportive comments (and some questions) about how the service works and what it can do for clients.

Here again are some basics:

  • Improve search engine results. Yes, Google and other search engines LOVE blogs because of their constantly updated content, niche topics and keywords. (See this video for more details.)

  • Increase visits to your website. How many times do you return to a website where content has not been updated? Would it be different if the content was always fresh every day?
  • Keep your online marketing costs low. Our basic service starts at just $300 a week, much lower than most traditional media advertising and often cheaper than design and maintenance on a traditional website.
  • Provide more great content/value for customers. Our pro bloggers will create tons of great content for your customers (two posts a day five days a week for our basic service). Those posts can include information on your products or services; links to an online store, other website or an e-mail where they can get more details about your service; or just general information establishing your expertise in your field.

If you're already a member of LinkedIn or are thinking of joining, please feel free to add me to your network mentioning this blog post in your invitation and I will definitely accept.

If you can think of any other ways to answer the question above, please leave a comment below (All comments will be moderated before they appear.)

If you would like to talk to us about what a professional blogging service could offer your business,  please contact us today for a free consultation. 

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