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How to add a blockquote to your professional blog

| May 29, 2009

When considering how to add a blockquote to your professional blog, first locate a block of text from another blog or similar source you wish to use.

Tumblr Blockquote Menu
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Blockquotes add variety to the text of any post and are a more permanent and visual way to incorporate information from an external source into your post than a simple hyperlink.

To add blockquotes simply:

Your blockquote should look like this in it's HTML form:

<blockquote><em>Here is my happy blockquote created especially for this demonstration. I hope you like it!</em></blockquote>

Important Tip: As a best practice include information on the source of your blockquote with a link to it's location on the Web if possible. ALWAYS use citations when quoting someone else's words.

For more on adding blockquotes and other special text blocking, see the the video tutorial below from The New Boston:

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