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How to create a news site with professional blogging

| May 18, 2009

Learning how to create your own news site with professional blogging can be easy and rewarding making you a leader in your own niche of either local or national news coverage.

In the following video, Peggy Charleton from Expert Village explains the basics of news gathering used by anyone ranging from the most seasoned journalist to the most inexperienced newbie:

How to Write News Articles — powered by eHow.com

To create your news Web site using professional blogging techniques, first:

  1. Choose a blogging platform from one of the many options available. Not all blog platforms are created equally to be sure and you'll want to make your choice based on the capabilities most important to you.
  2. Then,  set up your blog either by joining the community where your blog is hosted or by uploading the platform to your own domain (more about hosting your blog in future posts.)
  3. Next, add some feeds if possible. Check your particular blog platform to see how this is done and, if the platform that you're contemplating doesn't easily accomodate feeds, you may want to seriously reevaluate your choice.
  4. Last, create one or more Google Alerts for your topic to keep track of the latest information and articles on which to base your own posts.

Stop the presses!…and start a blog instead. 

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