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How To Outsource Your Blog

| June 21, 2010

Of course, everyone's heard of outsourcing jobs and various kinds of administrative support for your business and Tim Ferris wrote a book not too long ago about outsourcing your life, but can you outsource your blog or social media and should you?

Outsource Your Life

Well, one reason this has become such a controversial discussion is that blogs have their origins in personal online journaling and when it comes to business blogs are supposed to show your expertise, hence they ought to be written by you.

But looked at another way, blogs are simply a type of content management system which can be used for a wide variety of purposes including marketing and as such can be extremely valuable for SEO of your Website in terms of providing constantly fresh content for search engines and using keywords that your business would like to rank highly for on Google.

So, the question becomes whether you really could or should be spending the time creating a marketing blog for your product, service or business when a professional blogger can do so just as efficiently, including extra time it would take you to familiarize yourself with the strategy of keywords, linking and community building necessary to build that blog's search engine ranking and traffic.

This is time spent away from your core business, the one you are truly supposed to be an expert in, to create a blog and social media marketing campaign. If you make the best bagels in Brooklyn or the best software in Seattle, where is it written you've got to be an expert blogger and social media marketer too?

Outsourcing is easy. Simply hire someone to take over editorial management of your existing blog as you might a company newsletter or you can contract with a company that can create, host and maintain a new blog for your company. The blog can be linked to your main Website or can simply promote your brand online.

Discuss in detail the brand you are trying to promote, the keywords you hope to be ranked highly for and any other details you feel are important to include in the blog. Content can include anything from general news in your industry to interviews and testimonials with satisfied customers and perhaps occasionally news about your company, new products or services etc. 

If you're thinking about outsourcing an existing blog or about setting up a new one for your business or organization, we would love to be of help. Contact us at info@postranger.com and learn more about what blogging can do for you.

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(Shawn Hessinger is a professional blogger at PostRanger.com providing blogging and social media for a variety of businesses and organizations worldwide. Shawn is committed to creating blogs and social media services that are beyond the ordinary and works with a variety of clients to this end including helping businesses and organizations get their blogs and social media presence off the ground.)

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  1. The Franchise King says:

    Nice job on this one, Shawn.
    Go Typepad!
    The Franchise KingĀ®

  2. Shawn says:

    Thanks, Joel. And thanks for following us on Networked Blogs. This is probably the single largest issue raised with us and other people offering professional blogging services. It seems that some people feel if you are an entrepreneur or small business owner you MUST write your own blog. You certainly can and we and others offer consulting services to help you do that, but why is this the one function of your business some people seem to feel you shouldn’t outsource? Blogging can have a marketing purpose as well or act like your company newsletter. Would you think twice about outsourcing these functions to an outside firm so you could concentrate on providing great customer experience?

  3. Martin Lindeskog says:

    Great updates of your blog! I have been discussing the topic of outsourcing with and advertising agency for some time and how we could help some of their clients with an introduction to the new media landscape.
    How do you “package” your different services? Do you have different alternatives to offer?