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Increase blog traffic with inbound links

| June 29, 2009

A great way to increase blog traffic is with inbound links from other places on the World Wide Web.

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Whether you're creating a blog on your own or hiring a company to provide keyword rich blogging services for your business or organization, inbound links are vital.

It's even more important that those links are relevant meaning they are often anchored with keywords or phrases related to the topic of your blog or post.

Certainly outbound links to other blogs or Websites related to either the topic of your site, blog post or a particular phrase in your article  is a great way to start.

Outbound links can encourage bloggers, visitors and even some search engines to follow links back to your site and may encourage reciprocal links in the future.

Anothert option is to create, or ask someone in your organization to create, complementary content with keywords appropriate to your blog's topic on other sites like Squidoo, LinkedIn, Facebook or other blog platforms like Blogger, WordPress, Tumblr, LiveJournal etc. 

Be sure not to overlink from these sites to your blog since too many repetitive links can cause you to run affoul of search engines but instead create one or two links to your blog from each related site from keywords related to your topic.

For more, listen to the experts from Magic with Blogs below:

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