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Increase blog traffic with outbound links

| June 10, 2009

Increase blog traffic through outbound links.

Linking to other sites from posts on related topics or through a blogroll to sites with additional reasources, remains one of the most popular features of blogs.

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Done well, the technique can:

  • attract visits from other bloggers seeking to find out who is linking to their site and what you have to say
  • encourage reciprocal links from other bloggers and Webmasters in the future who find your related content through links to their site and want to add it as a resource for their readers
  • increase the value of your site to readers by adding resources from other sites accross the Web building your blog's reputation as a source for good information on your topic.

Here are some tips:

  • Link to posts or articles on the same or similar topics particularly those using similar keywords to the ones in your post.
  • Link to a specific post or Webpage that matches your topic or keywords not simply to the main page of a blog or Website since many blogs or Websites may have only one related post or section and search engines view these individually when assessing page rank.
  • Link to blogs or smaller individually run Websites whose owners are more likely to link back or visit your site rather than to online publications like magazines, commercial sites or large resource sites like Wikipedia or Yahoo! who certainly won't link back to you.
  • Always keep the reader in mind remembering that links created for no other purpose than to attract traffic to your blog will be seen as such, so pick links that will provide good additional resources for your reader regardless of the strategies suggested above.

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  1. Jeffrey Struck says:

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  2. Shawn says:

    Not really into tea. More of a coffee guy myself, but I’m so glad you like the posts. If you’re also Web design and SEO inclined or know someone who is you may also want to check out our sister site PostRanger.net.