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Marketing your blog with comments

| April 2, 2009

Commenting on other people's blogs or on social networks can be a great way to market your blog or Web site.

Just be sure you are a considerate commenter or run the risk of being considered a comment spammer, the scurge of the online community.

When commenting simply leave the URL or Web address of your blog or Web site in the appropriate space above the text box where you've entered your remarks.

A backlink is created to your website so that people reading your comment on the new blog can find out more about you and what you are up to online.

Social networks like MySpace, MyBlogLog or Facebook all create automatic backlinks within their Web site to your profile where you can often provide outside Web addresses and even details about the business or service you are trying to promote.

To observe basic online etiquette, be sure what you say adds something to the conversation either with the author of the post you are commenting on or with others who have left comments before you and avoid short phrases like "great job" or "great post" that appear to be simply excuses to create a backlink and promote your page.

For more on the etiquette and ethics of blog commenting, watch this video by Michael Martine at remarkablogger.com:

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