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Need a book review on blog, social networking or Web design?

| May 2, 2009

Do you need a book review on a blog, social networking or Web design related topic?

PostRanger.com and PostRanger.net are looking for books to review on our two Web sites depending on the appropriateness of the subject matter.

PostRanger.com deals with professional blogging, use of social networks and other push button publishing options such as Squidoo.

PostRanger.net is more concerned with custom Web design and Search Engine Optimization tools.

(There's obviously some overlap in the subject matter on both sites.)

Books may deal with blogging, social networks, online publishing, Web design, SEO etc. coming from a variety of backgrounds including business, marketing, journalism, Web development etc. but should definitely roughly fit the topic area. (No, we won't review your latest book about selling on eBay unless there's a clear connection with the topics we deal with regularly on this blog.)

We can't promise we'll like your book, but we don't do yum-yuck criticism. In other words, we won't just say we loved your book or hated it but give an honest evaluation in a future post listing what we felt were the pros and cons with a link to where it is available online.

To have the PostRanger.com and PostRanger.net team review your book, send us an e-mail with some basic information and a contact number for you or your publisher. We will require a review copy of a traditional book or link or download for an e-book or online publication.

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