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Outsourcing your social media

| June 22, 2009

When examining the possibility of marketing with social media consider outsourcing these services instead.

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Marketing with social media from Facebook to MySpace to LinkedIn to Digg etc. or on a new site you've created to build community can be amazingly effective.

But the effort can be extremely time consuming especially if you've got some core business to run or other work on your main Website to keep you busy.

Let us help. PostRanger.com can handle your social media needs.

We'll moderate your social network participating in discussion and community building by posting four story or video links and leaving four comments with the posts of other members a day, voting on posts and leaving one comment a week on your blog if applicable.

Please include a contact, the URL of your social site (and blog, if applicable) and any special instructions with the payment for your first month of service.

$200 for first month

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