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Part time business ideas include blogging

| June 1, 2009

Blogging places among the top 10 part time business ideas in a recent article from BusinessWeek and Yahoo! Finance.

Now go blog about this
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The article  by Jeremy Quittner and John Tozzi estimates an average income of around $24,355 a year presumably from online advertising.

In addition to blogging, other money making ideas presented include:

  • Baker with an estimated inclome of $41, 000 per year
  • Ebay seller with an estimated revednue of $22,196
  • Floral designer with an average of around $$21,700 annually
  • Jewelry designer, about $30,000 per year
  • Pet sitter, around $22,183
  • Photographer at $26,249
  • Translator or interpreter, bringing in about $21,541
  • T-shirt vendor, an amazing $48,000 yearly
  • Web designer again high at $42,104 

The last job on the list could also be handled by bloggers, who share many of the same HTML and other coding skills and can use blog platforms to create standard Websites.

Feel free to tell us about your success story earning from your blog…or about things that did not go quite right. Here's more on how to get started!

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