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Pro blogging a low cost marketing option

| March 5, 2009

As hard economic times continue, Rob at the Home Business Blog suggests the time may be right for negotiating inexpensive advertising options. Rob writes:

Since there is a lot of doom and gloom now is a good time to buy advertising spots; approach people who aren’t earning their usual ad revenues and offer them what you feel their service is worth (private ads). Also a good time to hunt out cheap pay per click(PPC) campaigns and more.

One inexpensive online marketing option with far reaching impact is a professional blogging service which offers regular posting to raise the visibility of your product or service on Google searches.

Our basic service includes 10 posts a week (two posts a day for the five days of the business week) including hosting and a domain name (based on availability) at no additional cost.

For more on blogs and their benefits read this post at Wikipedia, and for more on how blogging will increase your visibility on the World Wide Web contact us or check out this video on blogs and the Google search engine.

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