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Professional blogging with keywords

| April 20, 2009

Using search keywords in your blog or Web site helps those seeking your product, service or organization find you.

To figure out which keywords will be most effective in attracting visitors interested in your site, consider a tool like Google Keyword Tool or SEO Chat's SEO Tools.

Simply enter a word or phrase you think best describes your blog or Web site's topic and Google will provide you with a list of related topics ranked by search popularity.

For example, here at PostRanger.com we offer professional blogging services for clients, so phrases  like professional blogging, professional blogs, professional blog and blogs for professionals are recommended.

Sites like WebSiteText.com suggest using these phrases in the title, description (or body) and tags of your page.

To learn more about which search keywords are bringing in the most valuable visitors to your Web site, yet another tool, Google Analytics, may be of help. For more watch this video from GoogleBusiness:

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