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Professional blogging with photo streams

| April 25, 2009

Parau de munte
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Make your own photo streams for your professional blogging sites.

Sure, there are great free sources for photos on the Internet at sites like Flickr, Wikimedia Commons and MorgueFiles.

Here's more on how to use two of those sites as a source of great images to spice up your blogging.

However, photos you take yourself and upload from your PC can add a fresh and unique originality to your site and take only a little extra effort.

Any camera with 6 megapixels or higher and a decent lens will do. Many of these cameras will also have a simple video feature that can be extended with a memory chip allowing you to shoot and edit videos using Windows Movie Maker.

Here are more tips for creating interesting images with even the most inexpensive camera from pro photographer Tracey Clark:

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