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Professional social media: So many channels, so little time

| July 31, 2009

So, why would you hire a professional social media service to promote your product, business or organization?

Because, when it comes to all the channels of communication out there, time is money and time is a key factor here.

Create social media presence on just the top sites– Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc.–and you'll already be spending a considerable part of your day online.

And that doesn't count just building community.

For example,Tom Anderson of MySpace says in an interview that the reason he became everyone's first MySpace friend when the site was being developed was to give every new member a sense of connection right from the start.

Creating a group on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn etc. can be a great promotion for your business or product but not if there's no one contributing to the conversation. For more on how professional social media services can create longterm results for you, contact us today

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