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Promote your blog or Web site with MyBlogLog

| May 4, 2009

Promote your blog or Web site with MyBlogLog, a unique blog community now part of Yahoo!

MyBlogLog allows you to:

  • create a profile or profiles with thumbnail photo and other details about yourself, your blog or organization connected to a Yahoo! ID
  • add one or more blogs to your profile or to multiple profiles with a screen shot, brief description and link back to your site
  • connect to other profiles and other blogs in a variety of ways creating communities around individual  members and their blogs
  • Add a widget to your blog displaying recent visitors from MyBlogLog to your site to other readers.

MyBlogLog passed the tipping point a while back in terms of number of users and it's hard to say how this will effect its value for promoting individual blogs in the future.  Still, the community remains an important tool for driving up traffic and should not be neglected. 

Other sites with comparable features include the blog directory BlogCatalog and BlogExplosion, limited to blogs, services serving bloggers and has other restrictions. For more on how to set up your free account on the blog network check out the tutorial from Mat4.com below.

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