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Promote your blog with MySpace

| May 5, 2009

MySpace Login Page
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Just like other social Web sites, MySpace, arguably one of the most famous of them all, offers great opportunities to promote your blog.

Though this massive social network service also has some downsides (anti-phishing security making some direct linking cumbersome and some spamming), it also has a worldwide audience that cannot be ignored.

Free tools include:

  • HTML enabled intro sections allowing insertion of text, photos, video  and some hyperlinks
  • A community bulletin board which allows you to broadcast updates on your site or blog to all members of your network.
  • A Twitter-like microblogging tool similar to features on Facebook, LinkedIn and Plaxo also allowing you to share regular updates
  • An increasingly sophisticated blogging tool now containing many of the features of the better free blog platforms.

Below Vinny Yip of SecretVideoGoldMine offers a free tutorial on how to set up your MySpace account. Listen in:

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  1. IamRobert says:

    This is incredibly interesting. But after setting up a MySpace account, just HOW does one go about promoting their blog?

  2. Shawn Hessinger says:

    Great question IamRobert and probably a good subject for a future post. The easiest way to promote your blog on MySpace is to simply set up a main page (using appropriate keywords on topics related to your blog) introducing yourself and talking about your blog with at least one basic HTML link to your site. As you invite friends from MySpace’s massive social network, you can also start posting on the bulletin board and microblogging feature about current and upcoming posts also providing links back to your main site. Finally you can use the blog function on MySpace to repost portions of more important articles with links to the full-length post on your blog. You can also create groups based on your blog’s topic or topics and discuss your content with others who join. More later. Thanks for the great question.