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Promote your blog with social networks

| April 6, 2009

Hiring a professional blogger or making the effort yourself to create great content for your blog or Web site every day may be one of the best ways to grow an audience.

However, bloggers and Web masters also have other options available to grow their following, and potential customer base, one of the most important being the online social networking service.

This video from Commoncraft gives a somewhat better idea of how social networks function and why they're important:

Social networking services come in an increasing variety of flavors all with their own features and requiring some time for the user to become acclimated. Some of the more familiar include:

But there are many, many more and most offer the opportunity to link back and sometimes even promote outside blogs and Web sites via links and special groups. Even those that allow few outbound links like MySpace offer increased visibility online.

Go ahead. Connect with someone today!

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