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Social Media: 10 Ideas For Your Facebook Fan Page

| February 2, 2011

You know your business, brand, organization or cause needs a Facebook fan page, but no matter how crazy your followers may be about your product, service or idea, they aren’t likely to join and become an active member of your social media networking community without compelling content on your Facebook site.

The key to a successful Facebook fan page, like the key to a successful blog, is content. Creating content (the right kind of content) is the key to building and keeping community on your Facebook fan page and making it a place to engage visitors who will either hopefully visit your main site, become a customer or client or generate a referral from others in their network.

The key is to make your Facebook page a destination for members of your community with relevant information, news and resources related to their interests and needs. Here are ten suggestions that will transform your Facebook or other social media site into a full-function source for news and information in your niche.

1. News from your industry.Share news from your niche, whatever the topic, that will be important or interesting to others who share your area of expertise or related areas. Put emphasis on breaking important news that others in your industry will want to share with their network . Your Facebook fan page should include content that is valuable for your community and this should definitely include the news you share.

2. News for your community.This may be subtly different than the news mentioned above. Though you should have a clear idea of the interests held by those who frequent your community, you should also focus on creating a diverse network including potential customers, clients, suppliers, partners or colleagues in your niche. So while your community may be about blogging, for example, you may want to include posts about online marketing or branding since these are topics that may appeal to your customers and clients as well.

3. Video from YouTube.Including links to video from YouTube or other video sharing sites can be another way of adding variety to the content you share via your Facebook fan page or other social media site. The video can either be from your own YouTube channel and is a great way of promoting your content there or can be another link to content related to your topic, like this video from social media consultant Karriann Graf:

4. Future ideas for blog topics.Maybe this isn’t an idea that would immediately occur, but I confess I often use my Facebook news feed to post topics I intend to flesh out later in a longer more detailed blog post. A good example would be the video above which started the juices flowing for a post about what belongs on a Facebook fan page. (Thanks, Karriann!) The use of your Facebook news feed as a place for future blog topics not only creates a handy blog idea planner but creates a nice preview for your community of what topics are on your mind and what you may want to share next.

5. Resources and tips.Depending upon your niche, this is an important one. When searching for timely topics via Google or a social media tool like Topsy, don’t make the mistake of sharing news items only. Your fan page should also show your in depth knowledge of your subject and establish you as an important resource for information, how-tos, tools and other helpful links your community can use. Make your fan page an indispensable source of this information and fans will keep returning for more.

6. Reviews and opinion.Got an opinion? Don’t be afraid to share it. Facebook and other social media sites often give you the opportunity to post your thoughts about the link you’re sharing, so step up to the plate. Be sure the comments you leave fit your brand and the image you are trying to convey. Be professional and thoughtful, though showing a sense of humor is OK as well. Also share links to opinions and reviews by other experts in your niche, either those you agree with or those you don’t and let your audience know how you feel.

7. Comments and conversations. One great way to generate engagement with your audience is through discussion. Comment sections allow your visitors to tell you how they feel about the content you have shared. You can enhance this experience by actively asking you community what they think, posing questions and, of course, responding to their comments.

8. Stuff to be shared.Sharing links posted by others or tagging other community members in your Facebook community is another great way to create engagement and keep people coming back and visiting your fan page home. If you share a particularly interesting post by another member of your community, be sure to tag them in the comment section and let them know. Your link will appear in their news feed letting them and their community know about the information you’ve shared.

9. Special features.These are not simply links to other content (blogs/video/Websites) located elsewhere on the Internet but content special to your Facebook or other social media site. Whether they be videos you recorded or uploaded directly onto your Facebook site that exist nowhere else or regular notes, posts or questions for the reader created in the “status” or similar sections, this is content that is special to your fan page and will be another reasons for readers to visit and engage regularly. Don’t do too much of this, of course, since Facebook is certainly not your own Website and you may want to avoid expending energy on content that can’t be easily multi-purposed.

10. Your content.As in your own blog posts, guest posts, Website pages etc. You may be asking yourself why I didn’t mention this one first, but you see, that’s what many Facebook fan pages look like. One post after another and all about ME, ME, ME…You’ll definitely want to share your own content but do it sparingly. A rule of thumb sometimes bounced around in social media circles is 80/20, so this might mean that for every 10 posts to your Facebook site, two are yours. remember, if you’ve done a good job there should be a link from your fan page to your blog already and simply posting all your blog entries with no other content on your Facebook page gives people no real reason to follow it.


With a little care and planning, your Facebook fan page can be a really integral part of your social media strategy. Do it right and you’ll have folks clamoring to “like” your page, building your brand and online community in the process.

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