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Social Networking Websites

| July 4, 2009

Social networking Websites can be very useful in promoting a professional blog or one you maintain yourself for your business.

However, as Internet entrepreneur Chris Perillo points out in the following video, it's best to know what benefits you are receiving from your social network before continuing to spend the time using it.

No matter how large and supposedly successful the social network, if being connected does not translate into visitors on your blog you may wish to reevaluate the time it takes to promote your blog there.

To examine more carefully how various social networks are benefitting your blog (or not) simply enter your Google Analytics page or sign up if you don't yet have a free account.

Next, click on the "traffic sources" button under the dashboard and you'll see which sites on the Web have sent your blog the most traffic.

In the case of PostRanger.com, we get much more from our memberships on Flickr, LinkedIn and MyBlogLog–we get considerable traffic from all three–then from our involvement with Facebook and MySpace, despite their size and popularity.

Deside what you want from a social networking Website then experiment with free accounts until you determine which make sense for you.  

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