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The art of linking for blogs/Web sites

| April 9, 2009

Of all the tools available when creating your blog or other Web 2.0 site, none may be as versatile and useful as the hyperlink, also commonly called a link.

Still the greatest challenge may be getting others on the World Wide Web to link to you, as Ross Dunn of Stepforth Web marketing explains in this edition of Web Marketing Today:

Still bloggers can use links for a variety of useful things to enhance their own Web sites. For example:

  • Providing links to other blogs (or just other resources on the Web like Wikipedia or other informative sites) adding quality and interestg to your site
  • Encouraging others to link back to your site not only by linking to their sites from your posts, or articles, but also from lists of additional sites called blogrolls usually along the rail of your blog. 
  • Creating comments on other blogs and chat Web sites with links back to your blog to attract interested visitors. (To learn more about how to do this properly read our post on comment etiquette) 
  • Creating links on social bookmarking sites, social networks and new Web site hybrids like Squidoo to draw visitors back to your site to learn more about who you are and what you do.

For more on how to create links on your blog or Web site visit our post on "Add links to your blog/Web site with simple HTML" and for more on our custom blogging services visit this post as well.

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