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This isn’t your father’s website

| February 26, 2009

Real Estate Website Link Matrix, originally uploaded by @dakno.

A gander at the real estate website matrix above will tell you that maintaining a credible web presence just isn't as easy as it used to be.

I've been answering some queries over the last few weeks about our professional blogging service and one thing that came up recently was a question of whether a blog with its down  and dirty look can really be more effective than a beautifully designed standard static website.

The benefit of blogs, in my opinion, is their immediacy, the regular update of fresh information and their appeal to the search engines.

But I thought I'd include a couple of other points of view:

  • Michael Martine pretty much feels blogs are superior hands down to a traditional website, and he tells you why in this video.

  • Christina Hills proposes the idea of using blog technology to set up the website for your e-business thus abandoning use of a traditional website all together.

  • Lisa from 2 Create A Website discusses the pros and cons of website versus blog without coming to a decision, but clearly one of the issues raised is asthetics in terms of blogs.

Trying to convince clients of the value of a blog with its fresher content, better search engine rapport and ability to build expertise and trust on the Web can be difficult.

Folks are easily seduced by the idea of spending a few thousand dollars to create a beautiful, flashy website and then believing that their web presence will basically be established.

But remember, it won't matter how gorgeous your website is if no one ever sees it. Blogs have the power to create buzz, build a community interested in your product or service and develop your brand on the World Wide Web.

Let us show you how blogs can work for you.

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