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Using keywords with your professional blogging

| June 3, 2009

Using keywords with your professional blog is an art and a science, but with practice you can assure those searching for a topic in your niche find you.

Most important is to be sure that keywords identified by consulting the Google AdWords Keyword Tool or similar resource are used not only in your title and tags but also as near the top of your article as possible.

analytics_keywords, originally uploaded by CLF.

Here are some basic tips when using search keywords and key phrases for professional blogging sites:

  • Keep keywords near the top of your HTML document. Remember, if you plan to use a large photo or frame grab to improve the look of your site, that's great. However, don't forget that an image file takes up lines of valuable space near the top of your blog page so consider placing a line or two containing your one or two main key phrases so search engines will be sure not to miss them
  • Use variations on your keywords where possible including in tags on your links, photos etc. to clearly indicate the topic of your site without overstuffing your Website with one or two keywords, something likely to get your blog penalized by the search engines. (for example, if your keyword is "Web marketing", your may want to use keywords like "marketing" or World Wide Web' in tags to add variety.
  • Use links from your keywords since these links will hopefully be sending trackbacks potentially leading visitors from other blogs back to you. Obviously, if you link to other blogs on topics relevant to your post it only makes sense that these links come from keywords leading visiting from those blogs back to more relevant content on yours.

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  1. spacerguy says:

    Awesome dude. Thanks for reminding me. I was wondering why my latest article bombed. I still have posts in top search listings which I wrote years ago and its all down to pure logical reasoning and keywords, of course passion helps too!

  2. Shawn says:

    Thanks for the comment. And you’re right. I would definitely NEVER recommend jetisoning passion in favor of using the right keywords, but fortunately, done correctly, it doesn’t need to be one or the other. Proper use of keywords is simply the best way of telling search engines and Web searchers what your article is about. Once you get them to your site, it’s up to you to create an enthusiastic reader!