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Want to figure out the Internet? Start here

| February 10, 2009

Internet – Good Or Bad?, originally uploaded by Mikey G Ottawa.

We've made some basic improvements to our Internet beginner's site on Squidoo–to begin with replacing New Media with Internet in the title.

New media is a much bigger field, though it's often used interchangeably with the Internet especially by companies talking about wanting to add Internet services.

But for our purposes, it's a bit too confusing.

Some of the features on the updated site include:

  • Overviews of blogs, groups and social networks, three of the most important communications tools the World Wide Web has to offer
  • Video resources on some of the basics of all three and more about how they work
  • Additional reading resources from Amazon.com (Be sure to click through and read more about each resource and what it has to offer.)
  • Products from CafePress.com for the Internet enthusiast (or novice) showing the world your enthusiasm for the new global communications and networking medium.

A reminder that we also have another Squidoo lens dedicated to how we can help YOU promote your business, service or organization on the World Wide Web.

As mentioned above, please remember to click through to view the resources and other products available through our Squidoo websites and if you are interested in information about starting your own websites here at Squidoo, visit this link for more details.

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