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We blog so you don’t have to

| March 5, 2009

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How can blogs help your business?

  • Increase your ranking on Google. Blogs use keywords to target readers who are interested in the products or services you have to offer. Let’s say your company produces a drug used to treat skin irritation. Blog posts using keywords like “skin irritation” or more specific terms like “psoriasis” would be indexed by Google as the most timely and relevant articles on the subject.
  • Increase your branding on the web. Using keywords will also help regular visitors and those who Google your product or service associate your company with the value you provide. Increasingly visitors who find blog posts when searching keywords connected to your goods or services will connect you with those goods and services and refer others as well.
  • Create a following for your brand or product. Unlike traditional websites, blogs provide constantly updated content that will keep visitors coming back to see what's new and allow them to subscribe so that they can receive notice of future updates through e-mail. So blogs allow potential customers to keep track of the businesses who may someday provide the services they need.
  • Drive traffic to your other websites. Blogs can also be part of a successful marketing campaign using more traditional websites. Increase traffic to your e-commerce site, social network, dating site or other online community using the power of blogging. Whatever the topic, whatever the service, the power of blogging can help relevant visitors find you.
  • Build you expertise in your field. Again using keywords and articles providing valuable information in your field will elevate you to the level of expert encouraging trust among potential customers who will come to you rather than less visible competitors when seeking the services you have to offer. Expertise in your field may also attract business relationships from around the world with others who may expand your market in ways you cannot yet imagine.

Certainly anyone can blog and many of the tools are free, but if you don't have the time to take from your core business, let us show you how a professional blogging service can work to improve your positioning on the World Wide Web.

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