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What a blog can do for you

| May 25, 2009

A blog can help your business or organization in many ways.

Blogs can enable you to:

  • Reach decision makers searching the Internet for a way to solve their problems
  • Target customers already looking for your product or service and help them find you
  • Educate existing and potential clients about your services and what you can do for them
  • Share news and information about your organization that can be easily syndicated and shared with existing clients, potential clients, those interested in your service and the general public online via the World Wide Web.

If blogging is something neither you or anyone at your company or organization has time to do yourself, our premium service offers blogs with keywords and phrases chosen to attract organic searches from Google and Yahoo! and fully hosted platform including orginal domain name.

Blogs edge out static Web sites because search engines have shown a clear preference for their fresh and constantly updated content. In this respect, posting regularly to a blog is comparable to creating a new Web site every day (or as often as you post).

Our blogs also use linking and "TrackBack" tools to encourage inbound links from other blogs on similar topics increasing your site's page rank.

Think a blogging service is something that could benefit your company?  Please check out our basic price list or contact us today to learn more about how blogs could help you!

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