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| January 22, 2009

So what would it be worth to access hundreds, maybe even thousands or millions, of potential customers/supporters/fans via the World Wide Web?

How much would you pay to access even a portion of this audience through more traditional media?

Whatever you think a reasonable cost would be, we bet you’ll be surprised to learn just how inexpensively you can connect with readers, not once a month, or once week, but every day on the World Wide Web.

Starting at just $300 a week, less than the cost of most full-page color newspaper ads, we will create a blog especially for you and maintain it daily (ten posts or articles a week at two posts a day Monday through Friday)

Imagine being able to get your message out to a vast audience of potential readers with key words to attract only those customers you want to target, all at a cost much lower than television, radio or newspapers.

And remember, those readers aren’t just from a certain regional demographic or just within the boundaries of a certain country or hemisphere. They’re global! (More)

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