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Will your blog make a difference?

| May 3, 2009

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Whether or not a blog can make a difference was the subject of a recent experiment here at PostRanger.com.

A few days ago we put the following post on a number of prominant groups at the Linkedin communiy:

Tell us an amazing story about blogging and your organization!

We'd like to hear about how blogging increased your business, found you new partners or investors, found volunteers or mentors for a new grassroots project, helped you break into a new market, established or bolstered your brand or did something else incredible for your business or organization. We're collecting responses to include in a series of special posts on www.PostRanger.com which can include a link back to your business or organization's blog or Web site if you'll provide it. So join in the fun and leave a message as detailed as you like. We'll post on our site later where and when the responses will run. We can't wait to see what you've got to say!

The experiment has already paid off. In less than a day, we received several responses and hope more are on the way. We're really trying to collect stories that run the gamut.

Nor did we want to limit responders to those involved in non-profit or social entrepreneurship projects. Incredible success with a business blog is great too and just the kind of encouragement other blogging entrepreneurs need that all this effort is worth it.

So, if you haven't yet, drop by LinkedIn sign up for a free membership and join the eMarketing Association, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, International Network of Social Entrepreneurs, On Startups, PR Safe or Start Up Phase Forum groups and share your story.

Or do so in the comment section here on PostRanger.com (Be sure to include contact information and a link to your blog.) and be among the bloggers whose stories we tell in our new "Make a Difference" series showing the power of blogs to change everything. We'd like you to tell us something amazing! 

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